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Dental Marbella Philosophy

Anxious of going to the dentist? In our hands adults and even children regularly fall asleep…

The patient’s comfort is at the centre of our attention. You will get vaseline on your lips so that they won’t dry out and topical anaesthesia to make sure you hardly feel any injection. For your personal entertainment and relaxation you may choose between watching a movie in the dental-chair or listening to your favourite tunes with our noise-reducing headphones. Not mentioning the calm atmosphere with warm and friendly wall colours and an unbeatable spectacular view of our huge tropical palm trees covering our entire balcony doors just in front of your eyes!

If it is your child that suffers from dental phobia, don’t you worry either. The fundament of all of our treatments is respect and voluntary consent from the patient. Meaning we would never force a child to any treatment it does not agree with. This would cause an irreparable traumatic experience to the child which may lead to avoiding further visits during many years. So far however we have managed in almost cases to gain the child’s confidence allowing for a voluntary therapy with no stress and no suffering for the child.  Organizing regular dental examination and education programs for pupils at local schools we have extensive experience in the gentle and caring treatment of children in all age groups.

We strive for good value for money but as it comes to the most valuable of all your assets,
Your own health we do not think it is ethical to reduce the quality of our materials or techniques at any cost just to be a little bit cheaper. We ourselves wouldn't send our family to the cheapest doctor in town. And at the end the initially cheaper option might turn out to be the more expensive one as the treatment might have to be repeated, corrected or a tooth even extracted  and then costfully replaced.

The best and cheapest option is a high-quality long-lasting treatment which not only doesn't create any pain but preserves the health of your teeth and gums.

Another important factor for the success of our treatments is the outstanding quality of the involved dental technical work. Our crowns, bridges and dentures are manufactured  by selected leading German dental technicians with a Masters Degree as a Specialist in Dental Technology, carefully chosen and handpicked. We have personally thoroughly examined more than 40 dental laboratories before finally choosing four that passed our rigorous quality tests.

Because it’s like in any discipline and in any profession. Only few deliver really remarkable results which last.