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Dr.Med.Dent. Sorin Cristea




"Dr. Cristeawas very nice and the whole staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitley recommend service to my friends."
Chelsey W, Puerto Banus

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What makes us unique?

Unbeatable value for money.
Guarantee you won't find the same treatment quality for less 19 years experience, 13 years in Marbella Up to 10 years warranty.
Emergency services after office hours and on weekends.
Comprehensive specialist dentistry all in hand, always available.
All invasive procedures performed by founder Dr. Cristea.
One patient at a time, no stress, personal attention Painfree, minimal invasive and gentle treatments for fast recovery.
Over 100 courses and conferences visited , constantly updated.
Unique manual skills and ample dedication of time.
Extreme accuracy, outstanding hygienic standards.
Pioneers in introducing new techniques, materials and technologies Many VIP's, models and actors trust us.
Numerous dentistry professors and dental technicians recommend us.
Specialized on expat patients, express services.
Seven languages spoken.
Almost half of our patients visit us after treatments in other practices

For an appointment call us 34 952 900 234 info@dentalmarbella.com
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Dental Marbella is a state-of-the art dental clinic on the  prime location of the famous Golden Mile of Marbella in Southern Spain .

No worries. You have up to 10 years guarantee on our treatments.

The treatments we offer comprise all areas of modern dentistry under one roof : from white fillings, full porcelain crowns and veneers to computer guided implant placement and tooth alignment for the ultimate smile experience. Being a highly specialized and qualified clinic certified by extensive national and international continuing education there is hardly any new technique or device in dentistry we don’t work with. You name it, we most probably can offer it to you !

When it comes to your health we believe that second best is not an option.

Convinced of our an unrivalled quality we can offer our patients up to 10 years guarantee on our dental treatments. perfectsmile

We keep our promises. Not until you are fully satisfied with the achievable results will we consider our job finished.

Our goal is to make a sparkling Hollywood smile affordable to everyone by offering a unique value for money.

Being a highly reputated leading dental clinic since 10 years on the Costa del Sol we feel very confident to guarantee that you will not find the same quality for a better price. Simply because we are dedicated perfectionists. Most important we take our time treating our patients with extreme care, caution  and patience. Our philosophy is to treat each of our patients as if they were our own family members. So hopefully you will also join our family soon !

We let our qualifications and results do the talking.2

Take us by the word. Our facilities, technical  equipment and dental materials match our highest standards: our dental chairs are from the world leading manufacturer in Germany . 90% of  our dental materials also are “Made in Germany ”, U.S.A or “Swiss Made”. Specializing on ex-pat patients on  the Costa del Sol we have a multilingual international team speaking six European languages: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, French and Portuguese.

And if you have a  very tight time schedule requesting urgent short-term treatments we can even offer you a 72-hour service on our permanent full porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges and a 24h service on our inlays. Of course we also offer an exclusive 24-hour emergency service for our patients during  weekdays and on weekends. Just call 639445366.


Tooth extraction, Immediate implant placement and immediate loading with a provisional crown. And all within 60 min. Go to photo gallery

Sounds to good to be true? Put us to the test and check us out on a free and non-obliging consultation. We are sure you will not be disappointed!