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Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is always the best treatment

Our biannual tooth cleaning service is the best way to prevent cavities and gum diseases. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks, brainstroke and lung problems as well as diabetes and diverticulitis, premature birth in children as well as under-weight children at birth. Up to 700 different germs have been detected in the human mouth and some of them can be the cause of chronic infections in the oral cavity as well as in remote organs of your body. The purpose of our intense and careful professional cleaning is to eliminate the entire white soft plaque attached to your teeth’ surface as well as your mineralized, hard tartar where the disease-creating bacterias are hiding, accumulating and diversifying.

Our dental cleanings take at least 45 minutes to sometimes 60 minutes. Simply because this is the minimum time required to perform a thorough and effective professional tooth cleaning.

We remove not only the hard, mineralized tartar which can not be eliminated by the patient at home. We also take away all the bacterial plaque hiding in between and around the teeth collars as well as the stains caused by coffee, tee, nicotine, red wine and other discolouring agents. The final step consists always of a polishing of the teeth to smoothen the surfaces and to give your teeth the original gloss and natural shine back. We are pioneers in using higienic single-use polishing brushes for each patient. Or we may apply a gentle airflow of bicarbonate powder at the end to eliminate persisting, intense staining on your teeth’s enamel.
70% of the healthcare costs in industrialized nations are caused as consequence of the modern life-style in our western civilization: Caries, cardiovascular diseases as high-blood pressure and heart-problems and as well as cancer are almost unknown to native peoples in the Amazonas or african tribes.
Health education on nutrition and individual instructions on daily oral higiene measures are therefore fundamental. Just as prevention and early detection of diseases by regular screening through check-ups and professional dental cleaning.

Our instruments are stored in disposable sterile bags to guarantee permanent sterilisation until they are being used.

The brushes used for polishing your teeth after a professional dental cleaning are disposed of and never reused. Because you wouldn't want to resuse somebody's toothbrush either, even if it has been disinfected and sterilized as all the single bristles can simply not be safely cleaned.

And we don’t want to make any compromises especially when your health is concerned.