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NobelGuide® technique Teeth-in-one–hour

Nobel Biocare




We will take our time for you.

It is most important for the outcome of any treatment to dedicate enough time and not to rush. We will as well always explain any therapy in detail before commencing to make you fully understand and give us your consent.

In demanding esthetic cases we fabricate a direct temporary mock-up in your mouth of the expected end result to visualize the final situation of your teeth even before we have started with the actual treatment! With this prototype you will always know what expects you and any comments, individual preferences or changes of the treatment concept can be taken into consideration at the planning stage.

Bridges are indicated if one or several teeth are missing in order to close the resulting space inbetween. They are permanent, fixed cemented and look very natural with the right design however they have the inconvenence that the supporting adjacent teeth have to be grinded down approximately 1-2mm circumferentially. Unless they already have an old crown or larger old fillings where of course the grinding process would not constitute a significant alteration to the tooth. If you however prefer preserving your tooth structure to a maximum (our recommendation) then a dental implant would be your choice.

Traditionally bridges were fabricated with a metal framework of precios or non-precious alloys which was then covered with a porcelain facing in your individual toooth color.

Nowadays the state-of-the-art technique however are full-ceramic crowns&bridges. They are manufactured of several porcelain materials avoiding unsightly dark margins if the gums should receed slightly over the time and also avoiding posible allergic reactions to any non-precious metals. Or simply just to minimize the bodys exposure to metal from a holistic and biological point of view.

We work at a precision of 8 micron, which is 8/1000 part of one millimeter! Utilizing special super-thin foils, dental magnifying loups and precision calibers. Because your whole oral system is very sensitive and you can easily feel even the thinnest hair inbetween your teeth.

We regularly find patients with severe bite discrepancies as a result of incorrect diagnostics and iatrogenic (dentist related) manipulations. Caused by non-fitting crowns&bridges or improper treated gum diseases leading to tooth migration.

Below is such an example of an impressive case where the patient had actually accepted his extremely displaced bite as he had only been given the option of an invasive and riskful joint surgery of the lower jaw (mandible). We managed to corrrect the patient’s massive malfunctioning from which she sufffered since more than years in two sessions of 30 minutes each with immediate, non-surgical selective dental adjustments only.

Perfectionism is the best guarantee for high sucess rates and long-term durability.