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Crowns or caps are used to protect heavily damaged teeth from further wear or even fracture. They can also serve to correct tooth crowding or for other major esthetic improvements or also to achieve new bite adjustments.

A common misconception is that placing crowns, bridges or veneers reduces the life expectancy of a tooth. Provided of course that the treatment is correctly executed this is not the case at all.

Another unjustified rumour says that a root canal treatment has to be performed before placing a crowns, bridge or a veneer to avoid tooth ache in the future under the restaurations. This treatment protocol is nowadays completely obsolete and unjustified, unless there is a nerve infection already at the time before the teeth are being crowned.

A correctly and gently performed rehabilitation will not interfere with your tooth nerve’s health.
 Prerequisites for an adequately executed  therapy with crown & bridges are:

Some patients fear that crowns are not aesthetic as they cause the gums to receed and then display the black margins of the crown. However the black lines can easily be avoided by fabricating full ceramic crowns. And significant gum recessions will only occur if the crown’s marginal fitting is not correct thus constantly irritating the gums by mechanical pressure and also serving as a plaque retentive reservoir for germs and food rests who will further enhace the gum inflammation.

Partial crown are sometimes the better alternative versus full crowns covering the entire tooth. They are less invasive and less traumatic saving the remaining tooth structure to a maximum. Partial crowns are also more gum friendly as they crucial margins are placed whenever possible above the gum level avoiding its irritation. They are less expensive and they also don't require a previous costy tooth reconstruction.

We would always evaluate the best option for our patients be it a full crown or a partial crown.