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Did You Know That ?

Snoring is caused by a loss in tension of a small soft tissue extension at the end of your palate. And there is a simple device to stop it.
Gum diseases normally are a chronic infection, meaning that unlike cavities, they seldomly cause pain, however they are far more dangerous by remaining undetected and extending for a long period of time. Unfortunately it is still in many cases not regularly examined. The reason

being a lack in awareness and expertise.
The smell of burned tissue is due to insufficient water-cooling during drilling procedures causing overheating of dental structures.
Bad breath or bad taste is mainly caused by gum disease (periodontitis) and not by digestive problems as commonly thought.

Crown margins should never stick out or retain food around. Floss should not get caught in-between fillings or crowns, if yes they don’t’ fit or you might have a cavity.

It is not necessary to perform a root canal treatment on a routine basis as a preventive measure before performing a crown or a bridge based restoration.

An ideal root canal filling reaches deep along the entire lenght of the root canal ending just 1mm before the tip of the root. If the root canal filling is too short bacterias can penetrate into the void root canal and cause an infection. If the root canal filling is too long the material may irritate the surrounding bone and create an inflammatory foreign body reaction. Our recommendation is to always look personally at the x-ray of a root canal filling whose quality can easily be verified by a patient.