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Gum Treatments

Bad breath (halitosis), receding or bleeding gums are an indication of gum infections which is the main cause of adult tooth loss.


The indication for this highly sensitive and technically demanding therapy is for example in order to cover exposed root surfaces in case the gums have receded leaving unsightly teeth appearing suddenly much longer. The implication is however not only esthetic as retracted gums are accompanied by loss of bone support as well, which in the long run may jeopardize the stability of the tooth. Receding gums are also a main reason for the very common tooth sensitivity phenomenon. Causing extreme tenderness and immediate reaction to hot, cold, spicy, sour or sweet liquids or food or sometimes even reacting on simple tooth brushing.

Another part of plastic periodontal surgery is related to the so-called surgical crown lengthening procedure.This treatment option is used to elongate teeth which are covered by an excess in gum tissue therefore appearing too short. Creating the so-called “gummy smile”  when too much of the gums is visible.

Only 3% of all dentists perform these very delicate surgical procedure. Therefore it’s benefits are  little known to most patients. However the advantages are tremendous, especially in highly demanding esthetic cases in the anterior region of your front teeth.