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NobelGuide® technique Teeth-in-one–hour

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Dental Implants

State of the art Swedish and German implants fitted by Dr. Cristea  with over 15 years experience and more than 1.500 implants placed. Prime quality does not have to be expensive. Our implants made in Germany start at 1.450€. Convinced of their incomparable reliability and a successrate of around 98% we provide up to 10 years warranty on all our implant systems so you may feel in very safe hands. Additionally our implants have a minimum 20 years spare parts purchase guarantee.
We still find some new patients being concerned about possible complications with dental implants. In most cases due to reports from friends with unpleasant experiences. We can just stress and guarantee to our patients that in our hands we have never in one single case had any severe complication following a placement of an implant involving major pain, infection, nerve damage or any similar trauma. And we haven't lost a dental implant in more than four years.perfectsmileThe very few implants we have unfortunately lost all occurred after several months, being detected at a regular control appointment. The patient did not have any symptoms at all and thus being totally unaware that the implant in his rare case had not healed in correctly. We simply removed the affected implant within five minutes and after six weeks just placed a new dental implant, which healed in perfectly in all cases of a necessary second surgical procedure.

Accuracy and aesthetics are key factors for us. We there almost only perform cemented crowns on implants, not screw-retained which leave unsightly black holes in the middle of the crowns that are difficult to hide entirely. Also a perfect, tension-free fitting of a cemented crown or bridge is much more predictable to achieve, although it is technically more demanding.

We work with three different implant systems to provide the best choice for your specific situation and also to offer you financial alternatives:

The most prestigious and world leading implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare ® from Sweden ( founder of the famous Branemark® implant), followed by Camlog® the second most popular dental implants in Germany and finally a new upcoming dental implant company from Germany which with its very innovative design have integrated many scientifically proven features into their research and development. Dental Marbella is the second dental office in Spain to introduce this new high-tech product.

Nobelguide ®. No cutting, sutures, or even swelling anymore !
3-D digital reconstruction with our virtual imaging system for unprecedented accurate and reliable diagnostics and treatment planning.

nobelguideThe Teeth-in-one-hour® protocol means you walk out with your completely new set of fixed teeth on implants from being toothless or having few teeth within approx. 90 min. !

We also are the first clinic in Marbella to offer the revolutionary minimal-invasive, pain free key-hole surgery with the computer planned and computer guided implant technique called Nobelguide®. Based on a virtual imaging with an exact 3-D diagnostic digital reconstruction of the patients jaws this technique enables us to insert implants with an incredible accuracy of 0,2mm compared to freehand implant placement.
We are pioneers in Marbella implementing the safest method to efficiently and comfortably reshaping jawbone ridges for implant placement in case of bone deficiency following tooth loss called Piezosurgery® from the world leading manufacturer in France.perfectsmile

As a pioneer in the application of new high-tech treatments we have implemented the revolutionary NobelGuide® technique and Teeth-in-one–hour® concept for pain-free, minimal invasive computer-guided implants through key-hole surgery with immediate provisional crowns on the same day of the surgery!

And if you are a bit of an anxious person, no worries we even have simple and immediate sedation techniques available to be sure you are totally relaxed and at ease.


The main purpose for this therapy is to dramatically increase the available bone volume in the upper jaw in cases where the maxillary sinus has extended excessively. Thereby reducing the height of the jaw bone and making implant placement impossible without this corrective measure.

It consists of elevating a transparent paper-thin epithelial membrane which covers the entire maxillary membrane and pushing it upwards without of course damaging it by any means. Thus creating a space where additional bone particles can be placed which in a period of 6-9 months will fully integrate into the patients own bone. It represents a surgically delicate intervention requiring highly skilful and experienced hands. We have already successfully performed more than 100 sinuslift procedures.

Similar but technically less demanding is the so called Guided Bone Regeneration technique which we regularly apply in order to predictably augment the jaw bone in case it is too narrow to place any dental implants. Here we also add natural bone particles onto the lateral side of the patient’s jaw covering them with a resorbable collagene membrane to achieve a solid and protected area during the healing time of usually 3-6 months. Both treatments can in most cases be combined simultaneously with the placement of the implants thereby dramatically reducing the total duration of the therapy.