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Work Ethics

Quality is a very often used term but it is only as good as the means are to verify it’s really being achieved and maintained day by day on each and every patient.

Transparency and an patient-focused open communication policy is in our eyes fundamental to build a trustful relationship with our patients by providing as much information as possible.

For a non-professional it is normally very difficult to judge if a dentist is really performing a correct or even an excellent treatment or not. We want however our patients to be well-informed so we have  therefore developed a clinical guideline to double-check if a dentist really keeps up with his appraisals, is competent and deserves your trust.

Our team feels strongly committed to improving the quality of life and to enhance the beauty of our patients by providing a responsible, gentle and caring first-class dental treatment according to the medical oath of Hippocrates that we have sworn. We are dedicated perfectionists who treat each and every patient with a lot of personal care just the way we would like to be treated ourselves or members of our family. Our philosophy is based on the gentle treatment with no time pressure according to the actual state of the scientific knowledge to fulfil our high standards of quality. Guaranteed by regularly attending national and international congresses. And our  results not only look natural but also last longer!

Excellent reputation as one of the most professional clinics offering a full-range of dental services.

Quality comes before quantity

Our corporate philosophy is to be like a boutique-style hotel with a very cosy, personal and family-style ambience where we treat each and every of our patients like a VIP. Our goal is to provide highly individual and personalized, custom-made solutions instead of mass production items. Because you are unique and you deserve the very best treatment available.

Every patient is a VIP.

We care about you. Regularly reminding you of necessary professional cleanings and check-ups as part of our comprehensive service. We consider it to be self-understanding to delilver an emergency and weekend service as part of our social responsibility as a doctor.

Passionate about our work and driven by perfectionism we take professional ethics very serious putting the patient's interest always first/in the middle/ in the focus.

Some skills can not be learned. We are perfectionists by nature, being very meticulous and paying attention to the smallest details to create long lasting restorations and avoid later complications.

Only well informed patients can take the right decision in such an important matter as dental health. So please put us on the test and have a look into our checklist on some of our basic work principles. 

We always wear gloves and a protective face mask during our treatments.
We always use a designated, clean non-mouth related instrument to take other instruments or materials out of the drawers in order to avoid any possible cross-infection by touching and contaminating anything within the drawers with the fingers while treating a patient. Very important.
We always remove the gloves before using the computer, the phone or touching the door handle for the same simple reason.

We would never use an instrument without sterilizing it before. This requires an ample stock of the same instruments as it takes approximately 90 minutes for each and every of the instruments to pass our disinfection and sterilization procedure. To maintain the sterility of the instruments they are additionally packed and sealed into single-use bags before sterilization.

All disinfection and sterilization procedures are only effective if there is no contamination during daily routine work.

The extreme importance we dedicate to hygienic measures and perfect maintenance of the technical equipment and the facilities is striking and immediately visible throughout the entire office. Because we think that the first impression counts and that the general state of the infrastructure in a medical surgery is a very reliable indicator of the work philosophy and personal attention paid to details.
We always show and explain the before and after views of  each treatment to the patient
and document the result with digital photography. A copy is handed over to the patient.

We take impressions and pictures to carefully elaborate a specific treatment plan for each individual case. A copy including intraoral images and x-rays is handed over to the patient.

We avoid unsightly metal margins on crowns and bridges or visible screw access holes on implant crowns by planning cemented full porcelain crowns.
Our professional tooth cleanings take at least 45 to 60 minutes. Simply because this is the time required to perform a correct and thorough removal of all your tartar, stains, bacterial plaque and food rests.  
We generally use two different types of suction tubes. A small one for saliva and a big one to suck the high amount of cooling water necessary to avoid overheating of your tooth during drilling procedures.
Our maxim rule is to dedicate sufficient of time on your treatment striving for perfection. Because an adequate therapy requires appropriate time.  
One of our top priorities is the treatment of gum diseases being the most common cause for tooth loss in adults. Still however it’s widely unknown or being underestimated in its importance as in most cases it has a chronic development, meaning it normally doesn’t cause any significant symptoms to the patient until in a very advanced late stage. As we know from other chronic diseases as diabetes or also cancer, the fact that it doesn’t hurt does by no means signify that the disease is not progressing and spreading onto neighbouring structures.

Lack of pain-related symptoms does unfortunately not mean health. Herein lies the real importance of a medical philosophy based on prevention and early detection of a possible pathology in order to dramatically increase the healing chances for the patient. We consider it therefore vital to always also check the gums during every routine dental examination visually as well as with a specific periodontal probe measuring the depth of your gum pockets surrounding the teeth.

We feel very proud that in 9 out of 10 cases we are the first dental professionals to detect the signs of an existing chronic gum infection, informing our patient and elaborating an efficient therapy.