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Root canal treatment

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Root canal treatment (endodontics) in the professional terminology is used when the dental nerve has to be removed due to its infection causing severe pain (pulpitis). After eliminating the infected or sometimes even necrotic nerve tissue, the root canal is thoroughly , mechanically cleaned with a series of thin, instruments alternating with a combinatiion of liquids for additional chemical disinfection. The whole treatment is of course performed under local anestesia, so no pain will be involved. We use hand-driven as well as latest-generation motor-driven rotating instruments for our effective, reliable and cautious root canal preparations. The last step consists of filling up the empty, clean root canal with a non-resorbable, biocompatible sealer combined solid rubber points (gutttapercha). The art and challenge in performing an optimum and lasting root canal treatment consists of cleaning and filling the canal(s) at a precision of 1-0,5mm before the end of the root canal without any direct visibility. Manual skills, extensive qualification, ample experience and patience are key factors in achieving an ideal result under these difficult circumstances. A root canal filling at a distance of more than 1mm from the tooth root apex signifies leaving a void in the last portion of the root canal where bacterias from the surrounding bone can enter creating a new infection. Placing the root canal filling within less than 1mm involves the risk of mechanically as welll as biologically irritating the adjacent bone at the root tip which equally can lead to a secondary recurrent infection as a foreign body reaction.

The number of root canals to be treated varies from one to four depending on the tooth. While front teeth normally have only one root and also one root canal, the first upper premolar or bicuspid usually shows two root canals, with the molars displaying three to root canals located in two to three roots in general.

Traditionally bridges were fabricated with a metal framework of precios or non-precious alloys which was then covered with a porcelain facing in your individual toooth color.

We nowadays can in most cases execute the complete procedure in one session only, utilizing the latest decontamination and cleaning techniques for the infected root canal. Additionally we apply an electronical device called apex-locator to exactly determine the lenght of the root canal and reducing the number of necessary x-rays.

A correctly performed root canal treatment does not reduce the life expectancy of a tooth. On the contrary it is indicated in order to save an otherwise hopeless tooth from being extracted. Another common misconception we still encounter sometimes is that teeth generally have to be root canal treated before performing a restorative therapy with crowns or bridges to avoid later problems. This is not at all the case. A correctly and gently performed crown & bridges rehabilitation will not interfere with your tooth nerve’s health.